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We maintain four vessels to support the full range of nearshore marine field work. We conduct most of our operations from the Carolyn Dow, a purpose-built 36’ landing craft. 


Our smaller Sled is a 25’ boat with diver amenities and some sampling capabilities.


A 14’ seine skiff and 12.5’ inflatable offer additional support on equipment-intensive projects and in limited access areas. 

Carolyn Dow

The Carolyn Dow

The Carolyn Dow is a 36’ x 10’ shallow-draft, high-speed landing craft. She was built by Munson Boats in Burlington, Washington. Munson worked closely with us to design and implement our vision for this highly customized research boat. 


Our goal was to design a boat with the broadest range of capabilities possible at a trailerable scale. 


The Carolyn Dow is our primary vessel, outfitted to support all of our near-shore sampling, surveying and diving operations. She is one of the most versatile and well-appointed in the industry and offers a safe, comfortable and efficient work environment. 


Support Boats

The Sled  preceded the Carolyn Dow as our primary vessel. This 25' flat-bottom boat is ideal for monitoring projects, and supports our sediment sampling and diving projects when the larger boat is unavailable. It draws less than one foot and can effectively operate in water 18-inches deep. The Sled is powered by twin 90hp outboards.


RSS started in 2002 from our 14’ seine skiff. Today we use the skiff when we need to shuttle crew and equipment from shore to ongoing sampling operations nearby. It is an excellent utility and support boat, and can be equipped for light sediment sampling and dive support in limited-access areas. It has a 50hp outboard and can be alternately fitted with a tow bitt or a davit.


We also have an Achilles inflatable available for shallow river work, crew support, and off-deck storage. It also allows us to access remote areas with divers and sampling equipment. The inflatable has a 20hp outboard and support for 12v accessories.

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